Egziabher ’17

“I came to NYU Law planning to study social enterprise and startup law …”

Peter Egziabher

Egziabher ’17

“I came to NYU Law planning to study social enterprise and startup law …”

My Pathway at a Glance

Before NYU Law

Startup/Development Consultant in Los Angeles and Nairobi, Kenya

Cybersecurity and Account Recovery Specialist, Google

Environmental Sustainability Policy Researcher

AB, Harvard

Academic Interest


Beyond the Books

NYU Entrepreneurship Competition Semifinalist

Co-Founder, NYU Law Venture Capital Group

Co-Chair, Africa Law Association

Summer Work

International Tax /Financial Services Intern, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Research Assistant, Center for Human Rights & Global Justice, Montreal

After NYU Law

Counsel & Fellow, Brennan Center for Justice, Washington, DC

Beyond the Books

“I started the venture capital group with our Law and Business Association to provide networking opportunities for students so they can understand what it means to be a venture capitalist.”

Faculty Mentor

“Professor Deborah Burand asked for input during the strategic planning process for the Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship. She's also been a resource on employment and research projects. She's given me an insight into the way students and faculty can collaborate in promoting educational programs that are new not only to NYU Law, but to law schools in general.”

Student Leader: Africa Law Association

“I wanted to provide opportunities for students such as myself who are interested in working in a professional capacity either in Africa or on issues related to Africa.”


“I really liked NYU Law’s focus on international law as well as its law and business program. I could pursue my interdisciplinary interests while also having a strong doctrinal foundation.”