Mehta ’14

“Being a leader and learning about leadership is inherent in your NYU Law education...”


Mehta ’14

“Being a leader and learning about leadership is inherent in your NYU Law education...”

My Pathway at a Glance

Before NYU Law

BA, University of Pennsylvania


Academic Interest

International Law

NYU Law Abroad: Shanghai

Beyond the Books

NYU Journal of International Law and Politics

Law Students for Human Rights

Suspension Representation Project

South Asian Law Students Association

Summer Work

Epstein Becker & Green

Latham & Watkins

After NYU Law

Latham & Watkins

1L HIghlight: Lawyering

“Most of my best friends in law school were from my Lawyering section. Also, the drafting and research skills were most helpful for summer work.”

baniel stark gonzalez

The NYU Advantage: Real-world experience

“There were a lot of classes that I really liked. Venture Capital was fantastic and taught by an adjunct, who offered a very interesting perspective. I also took a bankruptcy course with Judge Arthur Gonzalez LLM ’90. He just has a very unique perspective through work with so many different cases.”

Faculty who inspire

“I took a criminal procedure course with Professor Barry Friedman. He knows exactly how to guide a class discussion in a way that is engaging, showing you how the law developed, where it stands currently, and where it likely is going. He takes his students' opinions seriously and is always looking to us for new ideas.”

3L Highlight: NYU Law Abroad

“Shanghai was a great experience! The international arbitration course I took as part of the program taught me all the nuances of working in China and how working with Chinese clients is unique.”

Shanghai and more

“Professor Frank Upham, who ran the Shanghai program, is just so easy to talk to and just a great teacher. I also took Law and Development with him; it's a really interesting course because it goes through a lot of historical and current trends and talks about how legal development occurs.”
mehta upham